Research Technology to Measure True Audience Engagement

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Legacy valuation metrics in media are built around eyeballs (and ears). Brands and media organizations want to go beyond who is exposed to understand the true connection between consumers and content.

As higher peaks of emotion contribute to higher impact and value, why not use audience emotional engagement with the content to 

MindProber has developed the most robust way to measure emotion to live audiovisual media.

For the first time, rights holders, producersbroadcasters, media agencies, and brands have a way to measure and act upon audience emotional engagement.

Research Technology to Measure True
Audience Engagement

Measuring engagement isn’t easy. Declarative data lack the necessary granularity while implicit measures have so far been confined to laboratory work destroying the true consumer experience.

MindProber combines remote sensing and machine learning to deliver objective and comparable emotional engagement metrics from distributed respondents in their own homes.

Our next-generation automated research technology for media measurement allows monitoring of emotions to audiovisual media at scale and takes research out of the lab into the real world.

How Our Products Help

PALM - Physiological Analysis of Live Media



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We have worked with some of the world’s most innovative media owners, sports leagues, content creators, and brands. 

How We Measure Audience Engagement
Technology & Methodology

We are a unique platform in the market built from the ground up to do in-home emotional data acquisition and support media organizations in creating impact. 


James Two is a proprietary sensor small, portable, wireless, and cost-effective equipment that captures panelists’ emotional signals, second-by-second.

Mobile App

MindProber mobile app provides a seamless experience and allows effective and flawless synchronization between emotional data and media content.


MindProber platform is a powerful in-house developed software. It allows researchers to run media measurement projects, analyze data, and extract insights effectively.

Consumer Panels

MindProber’s research-grade sensors are distributed to panels of hundreds or thousands of consumers worldwide who watch/listen to the content in their homes .

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The People behind MindProber

MindProber gathers experts in cognitive neuroscience, behavioral sciences, electronics and biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence, software engineering, data analytics, and market research.


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