To create, sell, and buy emotion, content producers and distributors need to measure emotion. For the first time, media organizations have a way to measure and act on their audiences’ emotional engagement and understand the true value of their content.  

The MindProber Emotional Impact Score (EIS) and Peak EIS reflect the average and maximum emotional responses of each show, including content and commercial breaks. 

EIS Impact Table

Emotional Impact Scoreboard
United States TV properties

Updated: May 24

    EIS - overall Emotional Impact Score across the entire content
    Peak EIS - the highest peak Emotional Impact Score seen during the content
    Dial - likability as collected by participants interacting with a like/dislike button on their phone while watching the content in real time

Date Show Network EIS Peak EIS Dial
22 May NCIS: Hawaii S02E21 CBS 571 1,506 0.66
20 May NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series FOX 473 1,164 1.00
19 May Fire Country S01E22 CBS 541 919 0.85
18 May CSI: Vegas S01E21 CBS 519 932 1.15
17 May True Lies S01 E12&E13 CBS 508 1,047 0.79
16 May Queen Cleopatra S01E01 Netflix 560 1,010 1.00
16 May 2023 NBA Draft Lottery ESPN 552 929 0.94
15 May TMZ Investigates Britney Spears - The Price of Freedom FOX 552 918 0.89
13 May MLB San Diego Padres v LA Dodgers FOX 497 1,277 0.81
12 May Blue Bloods S13 E20 CBS 560 985 0.88

Data is collected from MindProber's US panel, comprising of 1,500 panelists across the US

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